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Museum, Heritage & Gallery Products


1. Standalone Alarms
 - AntiSnatchTM Alarm


A general purpose exhibit alarm to protect paintings, display cases and other objects. Sounder resets automatically.


- SmartHookTM A combined hanging and alarm system for paintings, drawings and other wall mounted displays.


- WeightSenseTM


Mini weigh-pad system for busts, vases, and objects on plinths, shelves or pedestals. Also used as "almost" an anti-touch solution.


2. Anti-Touch and Barriers


 - BarrierPIRTM



Directional passive IR which can create a curtain or wall of protection in front of a painting or display.


 - ATSTMAntiTouch



Conservation plus security to minimise damage to objects from being touched. Creates a protective field around the object being protected and "beeps" if someone gets too close.


 - ChimeAlertTM



Self contained alert, to protect areas in a room you do not want your visitors to reach.


3. Complete Security Systems (Environmental Monitoring also available)
 - GalleryAlertTM



For daytime protection of exhibits. One or two wire free sensors communicate to a receiver box which alerts staff of a threat. Ideal for small temporary exhibitions.


 - GalleryMonitorTM



For daytime (and night-time) protection of exhibits. Upto 60 wire free sensors (and a camera) communicate to a central control box alerting staff of a threat. Can connect to a pager or other systems.


 - GalleryMasterTM



Used in larger museums, galleries and historic homes; daytime (and night-time) protection of exhibits from touching, theft and environmental damage. Wire free sensors communicate to the security control room (or reception) and alert staff of a threat. User friendly software runs on a PC, can be networked and linked to CCTV and or pager.


 - Sensors for the above systems



A range of sensors and systems to work with GalleryMaster (and some with GalleryMonitor and GalleryAlert) including PIR, ultrasound, passive tagging, climate (temperature & humidity), vibration (trembler) and contacts.


 - PagerMasterTM


Links with other Euronova wire-free systems to ensure alarm and other information is paged to appropriate gallery and security staff.


Security Patrol, Guarding and Police Products

 - SmartPatrolTM



Hardwired and/or wirefree sensors communicate to control box which enables GSM based communication (and reconfiguration) of alarms to support mobile patrols and static guarding.


Control Systems

 - MultiGuard LightTM



Hardwired inputs (from sensors or panels) communicate to Multiguard Light control box. GSM communication (and remote control) of alarms to support facilities or equipment management 9battery back up in case of power failure)



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