Jointly developed with the National Trust, this alarm is best suited for room protection in historic homes where the public can view rooms but whole areas need to be off limits. Ideally used in combinations, two or three these units are sufficiently low range and narrow field to work behind rope barriers or some form of room demarcation. It enables you to create a "field of protection" where a toddler or adult will be chimed at if they wander too far off track and too close to the valuable exhibits. These form a second layer of security* behind a white line, rope barrier or raised level. Indeed you can now remove the rope barrier as long as some subtle distinction is still present. ChimeAlert sounds a chime three times (loud doorbell) which may persuade the visitor to go back to the path and will certainly attract the attention of a room warden. The unit then automatically resets.

* click here for explanation of layers of security          

ChimeAlert is very small 73mm high and can be tucked away out of sight.


Typical Applications of ChimeAlert
  • to protect an area in an historic house which is on display but visitors can only look at.
  • placed in a fireplace to protect objects on a mantelpiece.
  • to protect a room or four poster bed in an historic or stately home.


Before setting the PIR lens is covered up. Move the switch to the left (chime setting). You hear 1 chime to confirm and flip the cover down (see right) and then 60 seconds to exit the area.




(Above) The cover is now down and the lens can detect movement of heat (as a standard PIR). To temporarily switch off (e.g. cleaning) lift the cover up. Then replace when finished.



Product Specification

Detection range: hand 2.5m, body 4m (see diagram below)

Angle of fan: 30 deg  (x & z axis)

Power: 3 x AAA batteries


Price: GBP60.00 + pp and VAT

Download PDF of brochure


Battery Life: 4 - 6 months (dependant on number of activations and mode).

Timer (chime mode):  5 seconds

Timer (alarm mode): 30 seconds chime

Exit delay: 60 seconds

Auto reset: 2 - 3 seconds



User Instructions

Refer to specification / brochure (download above)

Hints and Tips

  • Test these units regularly by walking the route that you wish protected. Units may have run out of battery or had their covers closed by cleaners and not re-opened.
  • When planning an installation remember that IR can reflect of surfaces like glass or plastics. Such a reflection could cause a false alarm.
  • This is a self contained unit manufactured to Euronova's specification. The spec was developed in conjunction with the National Trust. ChimeAlerts are used in a good number of historic houses.
  • These units are not high level security devices but can be a useful addition to a security regime which incorporates a number of layers of protection.

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