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To comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) we need to be clear about what personal data we hold on you, why we hold it, what we will do with that data and when we will seek further permission from you, how long we will retain it and your rights to see it and have it deleted.

1. The personal data we will hold and why: In order to fulfil a contract, quote or discuss the supply of goods or services we need the following personal data: Your name, the email and other relevant addresses and phone numbers at your organisation (If you are ordering as an individual this data will be needed to). Often you will provide us with details of your work colleagues too so Euronova can coordinate specification or delivery for example. Sometimes you will pay by card, that extra information is entered directly into a virtual terminal (WorldPay) and not stored by Euronova. We do not expect to need any sensitive personal data.

2. Your personal data will be used by Euronova to do that described in (1) above. It, not payment card information, might be passed on to a delivery company or a subcontractor or installer where necessary and Euronova uses its best endeavours to ensure those companies are GDPR compliant too.

3. We will only seek further personal information from you if we require it to complete a contract. For example some engineers and customers prefer delivery to their own homes. If so we will ask for permission to use your personal information for that purpose and tell you if it needs to be passed on to any other organisation e.g. delivery company.

4. We will retain the personal information for as long as our invoicing and quality assurance (traceability) requires it. This can be many years. You may ask us to delete such information after seven years of the year in which the transaction occurred (HMRC requirements for storage).

5. You are entitled to ask to see what personal information we hold on you. We will send you a report within one month of receipt of your request. Just email us ( select Contact Us on the black bar ) : detailing your full name, organisation you were employed by regarding this request and any other data like phone number if that will help. Once you have the report you may ask Euronova to delete or correct any personal data. Deletion within seven years of a contract is not possible due to HMRC requirements (see (4) above but correction is possible at any time. You also have a right of complaint to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) if you think we have not dealt with your information in a proper manner.

Clive Stevens, Director, Euronova Ltd, 14th May 2018

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