GalleryAlertTM: Temporary Exhibition Security


Borrowing a loan or two from a national gallery or overseas does add something special to your museum BUT it also brings responsibilities too, especially for the security and protection of those objects too. A government indemnity audit might bring the requirements for day time alarms, but for one or two pieces the ideal system using radio has been beyond the pockets of many until now.

Euronova presents; GalleryAlertTM, the simple, wirefree system to protect upto two show cases, paintings or sculptures with discrete sensors and so reduce risk of theft and damage to valuable works of art on display during open hours.


Pack includes choice of two sensors plus one GalleryAlertTMreceiver (with mains adapter fitted). Just find a suitable power point and plug it in.

- standard system comes with siren fitted, alarms for 10 seconds to alert staff.

- with a choice of: 1 or 2 non-contact sensors (for behind painting or under bust or vase) and/or 1 or 2 ultrasound showcase sensors. Range to receiver approx. 20 to 50m.

- led lights up if a sensor needs repositioning or battery needs changing.

- telephone support from Euronova included (first install).


Further options available:

- link to a pager, other sensors, extension using repeaters etc.


IR Non-Contact (paintings and busts)

Ultrasound for showcases

GalleryAlert receiver, comes pre- programmed - Just plug in.

Size: IR NC: 79x39x8.5mm

Battery life: 2 years

US: 95x47x24


9 months

Receiver: 130x85x52 (incl siren)

Plugs into mains

Operating on 868MHz the EU wide licence free channel for security systems.

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