Museum Managers / Officers….reduce costs and improve protection at the same time

Security, environmental monitoring and cost savings rarely go together, but a number of Euronova’s heritage clients have managed this apparently magic trick and on widely varying budgets. See also exhibit protection for optimising layers of security.

NEW - Hats off to Euronova for its new integrated Humidity, Alarm, Temperature and Security system

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Larger Heritage Sites:

One major council run museum reduced its operating costs by some GBP100,000 per annum (through early retirement) by implementing an object protection system and combining it with CCTV. So if a protected object is knocked, the cameras in the control room automatically pan onto the area. The security manager believes the objects are actually more secure now since there is a better balance between technology and manned invigilation. It also shows you can get money even from councils if you go about it using a cost benefit analysis ! The product they selected was GalleryMaster™.


A National Museum is implementing GalleryMaster rfid sensors and tags to support its gallery assistant redeployment and re-training programme. It was essential that the Unions agreed that lower security manning didn't mean lower security. The same National uses Euronova BarrierPIR to protect unglazed art from touching. As the second line of defence (the first is white tape on the floor) it results in far fewer touching attempts and thus minimises risk of damage to the art.


An environmental monitoring system is now available offering alarms on high / low temperature and humidity.


Sculpture Parks:

Euronova has specifically developed a security system for outdoor sculptures that detects when the object is being lifted but does not alarm under normal conditions.

Touring Exhibitions / Smaller Sites:

Many touring (and fixed) exhibitions are protected by Euronova’s AntiSnatch Alarm. If the object protected is knocked, or moved, the alarm goes off creating a noise for 15 or so seconds before automatically resetting. Invigilators are guided by the sound to the location of attack. Also consider GalleryAlert wireless alarm system


For inexpensive painting security you could consider the SmartHook hanging / alarm system


Without a control room ? All is not lost ! A wirefree solution is also available: Euronova offers a product; GalleryMonitor™ enabling the reception area to oversee the object (and people) protection of a room with valuable art. GalleryMonitor™ can be reset, reprogrammed and monitored remotely but can integrate with local pagers and through relays can activate CCTV or other local alarms (Galaxy panels) or systems.


Art Conservation:

Conservators are often more worried whether an object is likely to be damaged by acid from people’s fingers touching it than outright theft. Euronova offers the ATS AntiTouch system and BarrierPIR as used on statues, sculptures, paintings, classic vehicles, fabrics and display walls. See: AntiTouch or room protection solutions.

Showcases: Watch out if you plan to use vibration sensors on laminated glass showcases. The transmission of vibrations can be quite limited.

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