Beki (pronounced as in Becky) Wills has been a graphic artist in Bristol for a number of years now with a number of commissions and exhibits including the Southville Art Fair 2008 and the Scisational project to inspire secondary school children in science through art.

Beki now studies graphic design with animation at the University of West of England.

NOTE: To get a more detailed version of any of the three images just click on the photo for a PDF.

Euronova were searching for a suitable way to celebrate the company's 10th Birthday and it was suggested to commission some art. (Euronova have sponsored a annual children's art event at the Bristol RWA for many years now but never "a real artist !")

These Wallace and Gromit sculptures made by the Year 5 children of Westbury Park School, Bristol (Wallace is some 2.5m high). The artists morphed as many Bristol features into these loveable characters as possible, how many can you spot ? (by the way can you spot the Banksy logo ? It's a fake).


Above, is the final version and it has been sent out free of charge to 8,000 museum officers, curators and associated companies.

The brief given to Beki was to create a work of art that people might wish to keep either as a poster on the wall or as a screen saver. And also build in the themes of  "protection", "trusted", "nurture" and "relationship". Do you think she achieved this ?

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