Prevent the theft (of objects on display)

If, when you have completed your risk assessment, you think that theft (daytime) or smash and grab would be likely you need to review the locks and alarms on the items of value.

Catalogue the items, photos and descriptions. Use the Getty museum object nomenclature (ID) system. Valuable silverware etc  should be in good solid display cases with good locks (and possibly alarms).  

Paintings should be screwed to the wall where possible using security screws. Consider object protection systems and CCTV. 

Invigilator / staff manning levels and training are also critically important. There is a good source of advice from ACE.

Remember much theft is opportunist. But some is professional with art stolen to order. Your security plan needs to cover both possibilities.

More information

An identical necklace to the one shown was stolen from this museum shop display case (the top was left unlocked - it's locked and alarmed now!)

Watch out if you plan to use vibration sensors on laminated glass showcases. The transmission of vibrations can be quite limited.

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