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Set up in 1998, so now celebrating its sixteenth year, Euronova Ltd is a solid business concentrating on the security, protection and safety sectors with strengths in innovation and service. Offering specialist security solutions to difficult problems. Currently we are focused on two main areas:

1. Security products to the Cash-in-Transit and Security Guarding industries. Our patented product is SecuraSac developed in 1999. Contact Clive for more details.

2. Alarms for objects on display (object protection) to protect against theft, touching or adverse climate conditions for protecting objects such as paintings, sculptures, showcases etc to museums, galleries and historic homes.

In the heritage sector, Euronova has succeeded in building a wide product range designed to improve the security of exhibits on display in a cost effective manner. This is an important service since UK, USA and Dutch art theft statistics have all shown a trend towards daytime theft. In fact in the UK it is estimated that over 60% of exhibit losses from museums and galleries were while they were open to the public.

Most Euronova systems are available as "wire-free" enabling safe installation in old, protected and listed buildings. In addition many products are user install and for our major systems we prefer to work with the preferred installer for the museum or historic home. 


Euronova Ltd is run by Clive Stevens, who has 22 years experience in the security and safety industries. The company‚Äôs mission is to develop and market, value-for-money, specialist products to fill difficult but important security gaps which are not well serviced currently. Being a  "small" business, we recognise the need to be quick and efficient and offer excellent service.


Euronova Ltd is based in Bristol in the UK. Sales are truly international in flavour with clients in Scandinavia, France, the Middle East, the USA and Australia.


Euronova NL run by Maarten Schuuring opened in 2002 (Rotterdam) and has an impressive client list in Holland and Belgium.


Our plans for the future include:

  • Developing new products utilizing our partnerships with Universities and Suppliers e.g. environmental monitoring and anti vandal protection.

  • Developing our sponsorship programme for both local arts and local environment. (10th Birthday Art by Beki Wills) and street tree planting in Bristol.

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