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Getting trees planted in Bristol on publicly managed land (usually Council land)

1. Is it with your money or do you want to help with your time?

-If you would like to plant a tree with your own money then go direct to the TreeBristol webpage where you can chose a site and donate. The price is currently GBP295 / tree including a 3 to 4m high tree, watering and protection unless it needs a new tree pit. The Council have a list of tree species suitable for different sites. TreeBristol

-If you would like to help get trees planted near where you live (or elsewhere) but need funding then you have to become a Tree Champion. This is not onerous but it means you have to be given status within your local Neighbourhood Partnership who have control of all the funding streams for trees. Email us at with your name roughly what you would like to achieve but most crucially your voting ward (Councillor elections). We will send you back contact details and let you know whether you live in one of the nine (out of fourteen) Neighbourhood Partnerships (NP) who included tree planting within their local priorities. We will also need your permission to share your email address with the Council so the NP can approach you.

-Tree Champions only need to be involved with finding planting sites, over time you are welcome to get involved with planning and fund raising but only if you want to.

2. Your Neighbourhood Partnership (NP) controls the access to funding:

-There are a number of funding streams available now ranging from developer contributions because they felled trees to build on a site, Community Infrastructure Levy also from developments, Wellbeing money designated from the Neighbourhood Partnership (NP) and from donors like Bristol University. We hope to add another funding stream which is a not for profit organisation coordinating major donations for Bristols trees.

- Because of this Neighbourhood Partnerships are being asked to develop tree planting plans (on an ongoing basis). (We have examples for CliftonAndCabot2015 and Knowle 2016) you will need to feed in your suggestions to your NP, probably to their environmental subgroup or tree group to be added to their plan. The plan is then considered and checked by the council for services, safety and subsidence before being made available to the NP for a planting decision.

Cabot and Cliftons 2015 tree plan to use GBP150,000 funding from developers.

3. Where do you want to get the trees planted? Streets or Open Spaces?

- Street trees:The planting of street trees is tightly controlled for safety reasons but if you want to add to what is environmentally the most important tree stock then the things to consider are width of pavement, grass verge or whether there is a stump already. In new cases the pavement needs to be 2.2m or wider or else a small buildout is necessary. Example, the cost of the pit and build out needs to be added to the cost of the tree itself. If the NP is planning a buildout for highways safety reasons this is an opportunity to plant a new tree at fairly low cost:

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If you wish to replace a tree stump then this site will be considered even if the pavement is less than 2.2m and as long as services and subsidence risks are deemed satisfactory a stump can be replaced by a new tree for GBP295.

- Trees in open spaces like parks: Trees can be planted free of charge if you wish it to be part of the primary school project called One tree per child which combines school children, education and planting saplings.

- If you want a more substantial tree then it too needs to go onto the tree planting plan and be checked for safety and suitability.

4. Species choice is controlled tightly by the Council as they carry the cost of maintaining the tree for decades. The guidelines are here.

So its finally been made easy (as easy as you can get). Nothing to stop you joining Bristols growing band of tree champions? Just email with your name, idea and crucially your electoral ward.

5. Resources:

Guidelines describing the selection of sites and approvals:

Decision flowchart; who decides what and when.

Tree pits are expensive, you can see why.

Explains how the species choice should be done.

Bristol TreeForum Home Page.