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(about the logo: It's a tree hugging a person, who is hugging the tree in thanks. That's what it's all about; trees protecting people from air pollution, urban heat waves, flooding and our general wrecking of the environment. We have a number of other logo candidates better than this, when we have enough we will present them all for you to choose the best)

We are a large band of volunteers dedicated to increasing the tree canopy cover of Bristol

Why?  Because tree cover brings so many benefits to an urban environment, public health, economic growth, reduced pollution and flooding, wildlife, local food and better well-being.

Bristol is open for tree planting - become a tree champion and leave your very own hundred year legacy... 

 Activities: We comment on Planning Policies and Applications, find locations to plant new trees, help link up with interested parties and community groups, source funding, protect veteran trees.


Links: Bristol Parks Forum; TreeBristol


Chair: Peter Harnett (email address top left)

Secretary: Clive Stevens, Treasurer: John Tarlton

 Tree Champions: Richard Bland (Clifton), Jim Smith (Filwood), Guy Malkerson (Bedminster), Stephanie French (Stoke Bishop, Henleaze and Westbury upon Trym), TBA (Bishopston), Clive Stevens (Cotham and Redland), Hugh Holden (St Werburgh's) and Karen Sillence (High Kingsdown).


Description: Description: C:\Users\Clive7\Documents\Mast & Tree\TreeForum\Website\Clive_in_Easton.jpg

Picture: Clive Stevens next to the Bloy Street tree.

60,000 pound donation from Bristol University: First planting in Bloy St, Easton

OCT 2015: Minutes of meeting on 14th October 2015.

OCT 2015: Latest on breakthroughs made with BCC Planning regarding policy with developments.

3.3.15;Strategy for Bishopston, Cotham and Redland - passed on 23rd March.

Bristol's 200 most important trees:50 trees with girths of over five metres, and the champion trees of 150 other species, all identified by 8 figure grid refs, which can be used via Get a grid on google to pinpoint the tree. Also has species lists, including measured significant trees for most, but not all, public spaces.Richard can send this information to anyone interested, email:

Meeting, 21st March, discussed questions to ask the mayoral candidates and the Council finally told us how to plant a tree - actually it was quite brilliant.

Minutes from the 21st March Meeting including Mayoral candidate questions.

The Council presentation on how to plant a tree was so good we have given it a page of its own.

iTree used to value London's Tree Cover

Nov issue of Garden magazine: Trees to choose for urban gardens.

Nov issue of Garden Magazine: The need for trees in cities.

The Benefits of Urban Trees (Complete list)

Tree news:

TreeBristol Minutes:16th June 2014

TreePiPs update:28th May 2014

Minutes of meeting with George Ferguson 17th April

TreePiPS: educational topics

Garden Tree Planting guide

Trees and Development (BCS9 applied)

TreeTrail (Northern Slopes)

26.03.15: NEWSLETTER March 2015 available

24.03.15: Temple Back Development, comment by April 10th

01.10.14: How to plant trees in the hard landscape - TDAG - Final


08.06.14: Conservation Volunteers available

04.06.14 TDAG Draft trees in the hardscape and TreeForum response

26.05.14: TreeForum response to BCC flood risk strategy

18.05.14: Long term care for young trees.

11.04.14: Civic Society Article regarding Plant a tree in 73.

08.03.14: Saving an ancient tree in Wales

03.03.14: Loss of Justin Smith; Council Woodland & Wildlife Officer

20.02.14: Bristol Post; Gran about town

16.02.14: RIBA Architects) City Health Check : Exec Summary

14.02.14: TreePiPS planting events Feb & March 2014

27.01.14: Frank Kelf Obituary by Vassili Papastavrou

25.01.14: Horse Chestnut Pests

13.01.14: George Monbiot on trees reduce flooding dramatically.

30.12.13: Latest project: PiPS: watch PiPS video here (50MB: This is still in draft form)  PiPS stands for Planting in Primary Schools and is the first and perhaps the most ambitious of the Bristol European Green Capital 2015 projects.

17.12.13: TreeForum BCAP amendment passes Full Council 55 votes to nil.

14.11.13: Latest university research: Trees and Green Infrastructure can help local economic growth.


Next meeting in October probably.

Previous meetings: 14thOctober 2015 : 19thJanuary 2015 : 30th October 2014 Minutes : 30th June 2014 Minutes : 14th April 2014 Minutes: Jan 13th 2014 Minutes